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Total Quality Management Program

Quality engineering is added to every manufacturing process, and operational in-process sheets are created detailing all required tolerances. The sheets are married to the router in order to define and document all quality requirements for the operations.

Once a machine is programmed and set-up for a particular operation, and a part successfully manufactured, a First Piece Inspection is performed and results documented by our Quality Department. The part must pass First Piece Inspection before the operation is released for production.

In-Process inspections are performed regularly by both the Machine Operator and Quality Department technicians. Findings are documented throughout the production cycle. By documenting all in-process inspections, a chain-of-integrity is created and any deviations can be caught before any real loss of time, equipment, or parts can occur. Repeating jobs can be reviewed prior to the next run and any recommended changes addressed.

Our Quality Program, certified to MIL-Q-9858, assures compliance with the contract requirements of all orders. Our Inspection System, certified to MIL-I-45208, substantiates production conformance. Computerized Gage Control to MIL-STD-45662 ensures the accuracy of measuring and test equipment (M&TE) and measurement standards.

Continuous Quality Improvement, Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Zero Defects provide a solid quality base for all manufacturing. The operators' individual responsibility for maintaining and documenting quality and manufacturing records support our philosophy of producing pride in precision parts. Engineering changes are tracked from both company and customer, and quality control documentation maintained to ensure current revision levels are verified. Quality Documentation is maintained indefinitely for traceability and reference.


Precision Quality Equipment

Our sophisticated Quality Control Department and Lab are fully equipped with the most advanced inspection systems, machines, and programs.

The Zeiss Coordinate Measuring Machine is a fully programmable automatic CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) that accurately measures the critical dimensions of parts with high functionality and world class performance. Volumetric accuracy of 0.00022 to specification B89-1-12M-1990. Maximum table size 28 x 28 x 24.

The Starrett Optical Computerized Comparator is a fully featured, precision, high quality CNC optical comparator with superior optical clarity and brightness that ensure the accuracy of Outside Diameters (O.D.). Carefully controlled optics using computer designed lenses for superior illumination and exact linear magnification. Full optics provide erect, unreversed screen images. State-of-the-art electronics, from digital readouts for X/Y axis, to fully programmable digital displays with geometric functions and "edge finder".

The Federal Surfanalyzer Modular Surface Analysis System measures, computers, displays, records profile and other surface finish parameters with the precision essential to meet the most critical analytical requirements. Contains more than 50 built in profile roughness and waviness parameters and anlysis capabilities. Surfanalyzer Metrology Program prompts operator easily through time-saving set up, workpeice leveling, measuring and post measurement procedures.

The Federal Formscan Geometry Gaging System is the newest generation of powerful and versatile instrumentation for roundess and related geometry analysis -- satisfies almost any circular geometry measurement situation including in-depth analyses such as DR/DO, Slope Analysis, Harmonic Analysis. Accurate measurement results displayed in either polar or linear form. Pre-programming allows setup and measurement sequences to be stored for future use. Data can be post-processed to re-analyze a part, using different settings, without re-gaging.

Additionally, Hand-held gages and measuring and test equipment including Sunnen gages, jo-blocks, and various quality control devices are available to ensure any and all dimensional requirements can be verified.


Quality Standards

Our quality program extends beyond our inspection rooms -- from the moment an order is received, it's processes are tracked and controlled throughout the manufacturing cycle.

By manufacturing to tighter tolerances than required by the customer, we set our own quality standards to exceed customer expectations.

Our 98% acceptance rate in quality and delivery is exhibited by multiple awards and recognitions by our customers as star supplier and preferred vendor.